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Virtual office Poznań is a service aimed at modern entrepreneurs. The most popular virtual office in Poznan. We have been operating continuously for over 7 years. What’s more, we combine the service of a registration address for the company with coworking.

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Wirtualne Biuro Poznań

Our Plan

Virtual office Poznań is a service that has been on the market for some time. We decided to share our space with other entrepreneurs to make it easier for them to start running their own business. In addition, the peculiarity of our business is to have an extensive group of companies offering identical services. This allows us to build a business that operates throughout the country. In addition, we also offer a range of services related to accounting, marketing and business consulting.

Why are we doing this?

Entrepreneurs are the group that stimulates the market in the best way. Unfortunately, the cost associated with starting your own business is extremely high. The biggest cost usually turns out to be office space. We want to help entrepreneurs by offering them the prestige of their own office combined with low maintenance costs and the help of our specialists. Thanks to us you will have access to a conference room for meetings with clients or colleagues. As a result, you focus on the most important elements of your business, namely sales.

Virtual Office Poznan – Welcome to the Future

The concept of luxury has changed over the years. Today, the most valuable thing a person has is time. Work is important, but the moments we fulfill with family, friends or nurturing our interests are also important.

We also cooperate with other offices across the country. You can see more in the tab:

We also cooperate with numerous portals dealing with accounting and business topics. By cooperating with us you gain access to an advertising network. This allows you to increase your online presence as a result of which you will get new customers.

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Virtual office Poznań – Experience

Our offer is the result of many years of experience and continuous improvement of our offer. We are able to listen to the needs of our customers so that our services and products are constantly improved. If you are looking for proof of this see our business card on google and its ratings. In addition, we have the highest number of positive reviews in all of Poznan.

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